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We have answered some of the most common questions we get asked.


We proudly and truly specialize in Porsche products, which comprise 90% of our customer’s vehicles. We also have extensive experience with BMW, Audi and VW products. It is not uncommon for us to work with Subaru, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and McLaren products, especially for modification work. We can, and do, service all manner of automobile.

Yes! We offer a modern, well-equipped vehicle for free while your vehicle is in for service. Offered by appointment only.

We offer convenient transit options available at no cost to our customers to access the SeaBus for trips to and from downtown Vancouver, and for the near-by North Vancouver area.

Yes! We offer a complimentary concierge service for pick up and delivery of your vehicle from your residence for regular service or repair work. This is offered by appointment throughout the Vancouver area.

We are happy to offer estimates on work required upon request. We estimate in a very comprehensive fashion, as we know what’s going to be needed in the end. We tend to estimate on the high side of costs, so that you are more likely to be positively surprised when you get your final invoice. Minimizing surprises is our goal. However, we do not offer quotations on anything more than routine procedures. The reason for this, is that we pride ourselves on doing the job ‘right’. Often, there are many things one cannot foresee in more involved procedures ahead of time, and we remove the pressure to short-cut any procedure to meet a ‘quoted’ price. This is our way of ensuring the job is done the best way possible.

We charge an hourly rate that is below the industry average, especially when compared to the dealerships. We offer this rate on account of our significantly lower overhead costs, while providing a more personalized and significantly more attentive service. Another function of how our customer’s are charged is based on the ‘time required’ to complete a job. This is more often than not, to the benefit of the customer, as the ‘book time’ to complete many jobs is over-inflated. On occasion it takes longer than the book time to complete a job, often on account of unexpected issues related to the vehicle’s age. In these instances, extra time is required to ensure the job is done properly, with absolutely no corners cut, in taking care of your beloved automobile.

We honour the warranty of the parts supplied by us, which in the case of Original Porsche parts, is two years. Some OEM / Aftermarket parts may have a lesser or greater warranty, and in those cases that is what we offer. Our workmanship and labour is guaranteed for one year and for unlimited mileage, so you can be sure that we stand behind the work we perform.

Yes! You absolutely do not have to take your new vehicle to the dealership for it’s routine maintenance needs. We can and do perform routine maintenance for your new vehicle, while under warranty. We are equipped with factory diagnostic equipment for Porsche vehicles and can properly reset your service display along with being up to date on the latest factory service bulletins and updates. As an independent service facility, we also strive to maximize the value of your factory warranty by proactively focussing on potential problems that may affect your vehicle after your warranty expires. Often, we find problems that you can have addressed under your factory warranty that you may not be aware of, and we work closely with Porsche, BMW, VW and Audi dealerships locally to ensure your car is properly cared for. We are your advocate and will help you navigate the care of your automobile.


Please contact us if you have any other questions about your vehicle or our services.